Top 10 Body Scrub Scents

Body scrubs are primarily designed for skin exfoliation purposes. However, they offer much more than that. Aside from keeping the skin refreshed and rejuvenated, it also keeps one mentally sated with the help of the various body scrub scents. Each scent has a different appeal to a different audience but most are designed to be absolutely pleasing and relaxing to the sense.

Find out what our top 10 body scrub scents are below.

  • Lavender Vanilla

lavender vanilla

Lavender and vanilla make the perfect floral mix. Together, they make for a scent that is tremendously romantic and peaceful. Immense tranquility awaits whoever comes across it. Individually, here is what they bring to the table:


Lavender has been in use for ages. Dating as far back as 2,500 years ago, this herb has been used for deodorants, perfumes, insect repellants disinfectants and aphrodisiacs. This is because lavender is a relaxing and calming herb that can naturally cure symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia.


Vanilla is also just as relaxing as lavender. In fact, most studies rate it as the most relaxing as backed up by the positive effects it has on claustrophobia and anxiety. Vanilla also helps ease breathing problems and sleep apnea which makes it the perfect partner of lavender.

  • Coffee


Coffee is simply a work of art for most people. Used to kickstart their days, most people simply can’t live without it. That’s why it isn’t surprising at all to find that coffee scents can also be found for body scrubs.

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The caffeine jolt, you may think, kicks in only when you drink your coffee. In reality though, it happens a lot earlier. As soon as you smell it, your brain is powered up right away and is jolted to a start. Aside from wakefulness, coffee smells can also trigger good feelings or a sense of elation.



Lavender definitely reigns as the most soothing scent but citrus scents also come close. Among them, lemons are found to be quite popular. Lemon helps influence an overall positive demeanor with reduced anxiety.

  • Cucumber


Cucumbers are associated with sweet, summery smells. It smells light and fresh and isn’t at all too perfume-like for those people with allergies.

  • Honey


Honey has numerous benefits such as skin healing, wrinkle and bacteria prevention and is also anti-inflammatory. That’s why it is also used as an ingredient in body scrubs. The scent of honey is also quite unique. It has a floral, woodsy smell that is both soothing and comforting. Best of all, it complements any other scent that is mixed with it.

  • Chocolate


Who doesn’t love chocolate? The smell of chocolate elicits happiness in most people but why? It’s actually the cacao component. The smell of cacao is found to be rich, sweet and warm. It is also intoxicating, sensual and full of intrigue which makes it a natural aphrodisiac. It is also found to reduce stress and anxiety when used in body scrubs, massage oils or fragrances.

  • Green Tea

green tea

Green tea has roots from ancient Japan but onlystarted being used for its smell around the 1990s. Green tea is known for its anti-aging and astringent properties which is why it is also used in body scrubs. The scent also helps relax the muscles and aids in making the environment more relaxing.

  • Mint


Mint is a unique substance that we often find in food. Little did we know that aside from its enticing smell, it also has tons of other benefits. Peppermint, for example, has profound effects on the brain, influencing things such as memory, cognition and problem solving.

  • Rosemary


Rosemary resembles both mint and lavender. That’s why it isn’t surprising to find it on this list as well. With a woodsy and citrus-like fragrance, rosemary also brings a clear herbal smell that is extremely refreshing. It also helps stimulate the brain just as mint does.

  • Eucalyptus


Last but definitely not least is eucalyptus. With a sweet, woody scent, eucalyptus is also known the world over as it is being used in all sorts of stuff. It is particularly effective as a decongestant and can help people who have breathing problems.

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