Quick and Easy Exercises for Children (Kids)

Right from the beginning, kids or children need to focus on exercises. It is because by performing exercises or physical activities, they can avoid obesity and other weight problems. Well, for kids, exercises do not mean lifting weights or producing a lot of sweat from their bodies. Exercises for them only include physical activities such as walking, playing, moving, jumping etc. Every kid likes to play games or dance at different periods. Children love the cycling activity. You cannot expect the level of happiness when kids get bicycles as gifts on their birthdays. If your baby does not like physical activities, it is your responsibility to make him perform them. Like foods, physical activities are also important for better growth and development of babies. So, you should make your child perform physical activities during their entire childhood. Here are some quick and easy exercises or physical activities that must be performed by children (kids).

  • Chair Squats

I guess you must have heard about planks. Most people perform planks for maintaining fit and healthy. Children should also perform this exercise. They can strengthen their thighs, bones and other muscles with chair Squats.

In this exercise

  • You need to stand at least 6 inches away from the chair.
  • You need to make sure that your shoulders and hips are at width apart.
  • Then, you should point your toes in the forward direction.
  • Then, you need to put your entire weight on your heels and breathe.
  • Then, you should tap the chair with your butts.
  • Finally, you should straighten your shoulders and come to the starting position.
  • You should repeat this activity for at least 15 times.
  • After completing 15 reps, you can start holding dumbbells.
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Before holding dumbbells, you need to develop a decent amount of strength. Otherwise, you can face negative results. This exercise is especially recommended for children of 12-15 years.

  • Making Row

The row is another exercise that must be performed by children. This exercise helps in toning the chest and shoulders. For this activity, you need to take stability balls.

  • Start by lying down on the exercise balls with legs straight and shoulders relaxed.
  • Next, you should push your toes on the ground and hang arms in front of the exercise ball.
  • Next, you need to hold dumbbells in both hands
  • Next, you should move your elbows up in the direction of the ceiling.
  • Keep on raising your elbows until weights align the chest.

Last, you need to lower arms and repeat this activity 10-15 times.

  • Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls

Here is one more exercise that is recommended for beginners. Inclining of the chest, biceps and triceps look as a difficult exercise. But, it is easy and can be performed by most children.

In this exercise

  • You should stand straight with your feet apart.
  • Then, you need to bend your knees slightly.
  • Next, you should press your elbows into your torso and put weights on your thigh.
  • Next, you should hold a dumbbell in each hand and make underhand grips.
  • Next, you need to bend your elbows and put weights on your shoulders.
  • Finally, you should come back to the starting position by taking slow breaths.
  • This exercise should also be repeated for 15 times.
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With this exercise, you can improve your digestive and respiratory system & avoid several health diseases.

Other Easy Exercises



From the early childhood, you should make your baby perform walking activity. If he/she don’t like to play games or don’t like cycling, he/she needs to do at least walking. Well, you don’t need to worry about distance and time. Whether your child performs walking for 2 km or 10 km, he/she will definitely avail health benefits. By making habit of walking, children can avoid over-weight and obesity. For implementing walking for your child, you should send him for different works such as taking vegetables and other household items. Brisk walking is integral for better growth and development of children (kids)



You need to purchase decent bicycles for your child. Through cycle, he/she not only gets help for going to different places but he/she can also avail health benefits. You need to buy bicycles that match the size and weight of your child. If you want to make your child habitual of cycling, you should send him to schools on cycles. With cycling, children can also avail a lot of fun. And you do not need to spend pretty much money on cycles. Many decent cycles at definite costs are available in the marketplace. You should select the cycles that suit your budget.

Other Physical Activities

If your child doesn’t like walking or cycling, you should at least make him perform physical activities. He/she must not hesitate to bring a small glass of water. He/she need to perform operations of home actively or efficiently. Only through physical activities, you can make your child fit and active for longer periods. So, you need to make your baby perform different physical activities in the home or in the outside place

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Summing Up

For making your child fit and activity, you should make him perform some exercises. Exercises are important for improving child’s growth and enhancing their muscles development. Biceps is a wonderful exercise that helps in strengthening the shoulders, triceps, and ankles. Lying row is an easy exercise that can be performed with children of 14 years of age. Children should also perform low-intensity cardiovascular exercises. With simple walking, they can burn calories and maintain their fitness. Cycling helps in avoiding health diseases such as high cholesterols, obesity, diabetes etc. Even physical activities also help in staying fit and healthy for longer periods. So, you must make your child perform these exercises for improving their future.