How You Can Control Your Blood Pressure


Blood pressure can be defined as the pressure that human body exerts on the blood vessels. Blood pressure particularly affects the respiratory system of a human being. If you have blood pressure of about 120mmHg, you are fine or well. But, if you have blood pressure higher or lower than this number, you cannot be considered healthy. High or low blood pressure leads to many health diseases. In comparison to children, adults, and senior citizens experience more blood pressure problems.

The rate of blood depends on activities and diseases. Many persons face higher or lower blood pressure because of diseases. Heart attacks are common among people with blood pressure problems.  Well, you do not worry after hearing this fact. We do have a solution for treating these problems. Just by making a little change in your lifestyle, you can maintain your blood pressure and prevent yourself from heart-related diseases. Here are some tips through which you can control your blood pressure:

  • Reduce The Sodium Intake

 Sodium is one of the most common elements that increase blood pressure. Higher sodium content certainly leads to higher blood pressure. Most people experience blood pressure problem because of higher consumption of sodium. However, very low sodium consumption also causes health problems. Therefore, you need to consume definites amount of sodium every day. According to professionals, 2300 milligrams of sodium is adequate for a normal human being. By eating this much sodium, you can maintain your diet and blood pressure. If you particularly want to reduce sodium in your diet, you should

  1. Avoid adding salt in your foods and recipes
  2. Read labels (that show sodium content) before consuming drinks and beverages
  3. Eliminate fast/processed foods that contain vast toppings and preservatives
  • Reduce Stress/Anxiety

 Like sodium, chronic stress also leads to high blood pressure. Stress can occur from various life problems. And for handling this stress, people drink alcohols, smoke cigarettes and perform other bad activities. All types of stresses are bad for the health. For example, you cannot perform exercises when you are under stress. And, you cannot study or maintain concentration during stress. Forget all, but you must consider your blood pressure. You need to do something for controlling your stress and avoiding higher blood pressure. With these tips, you can manage occasional stress:

  • You must change your expectations towards your friends and relatives
  • You should talk with another person to finding solutions to your problems
  • You should perform your favorite activities that make you forget difficult problems
  •  Eliminate Bad Habits


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Bad Habits

Habits such as smoking, drinking etc possess a great impact on health. These habits provide no comfort but cause problems in health. A study explains that every single cigarette increases the blood pressure by 6-8 minutes. There also are similar studies related to alcohol drinking. By drinking excessive alcohol, you can increase your blood pressure by vast points. However, small amounts of alcohol help in lowering blood pressure. But, no one thinks about lower alcohols. People who like beer and wines drink at least 3-4 glasses every time. With this much alcohol, you can particularly experience health problems. Therefore, you must not create habits of smoking and drinking. If you have any, you need to stop it. By quitting smoking, you can set your blood pressure to normal level or rate.

  • Limit Your Caffeine Consumption

Do you know caffeine also increases blood pressure? Certainly, as much as 10mm Hg pressure can be raised because of caffeine. If you don’t believe. You should yourself check your blood pressure after drinking coffee. People of all ages can avail negative effects from caffeine. Every doctor avoids consuming excessive caffeine. For maintaining your health and blood pressure, you need to limit caffeine consumption. You must consult with your doctor before starting the habit of drinking coffee.

  • Perform Exercises

Physical activities greatly help in controlling blood pressure. Whether you perform walking or running, you can maintain your health and your blood pressure. By performing physical activity (walking) for 25-30 minutes, you can lower your blood pressure by 5 to 8 millimeters Hg. If you remain stick to physical activities, you can maintain your blood pressure and avoid heart problems. According to your preference, you can select cycling, swimming or dancing exercise. For availing enhanced results, you should also perform strength training. But, you need to take consent from your doctor before starting performing push-ups and dead lifts.

  • Consume Protein-Rich Foods


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healthy diet

Firstly, it is important to maintain a healthy diet for maintaining fitness. And for that, you need to eat fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods. These foods provide carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals that are essential for promoting growth and enhancing energy. Then, particularly for controlling your blood pressure, you should consume tomatoes, bananas, prunes, oranges. These foods contain high potassium that helps in lowering blood pressure. Actually, potassium helps in countering the effects of sodium. Once, sodium is removed, blood pressure is also controlled. Along with nuts and grains, you should also include potassium rich foods such as peas, raisins, sweet potatoes in your diet.

  • Consider Deep Breathing

Meditation techniques are one of the best techniques for reducing higher blood pressure. With deep breathing, you can reduce stress/anxiety and avail calmness. You can make your mind free from worries and tensions. You cannot experience high blood pressure if you have no extra stress or anxiety. Like exercises, breathing should also be done on regular basis. You can perform meditation in the morning as well as in the night. At least 10 minutes of meditation activity is required for achieving a state of calm mind. If you find difficulty in performing breathing and meditation techniques at home, you should join a yoga class.

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Final Verdict

It is not a very difficult task to control blood pressure and avoid heart diseases. You just need to make some changes in your life. You need to eat a diet that does not contain excessive sodium content. You must reduce unwanted stress/anxiety by talking to your friends or by performing your favorite activities. You should avoid bad habits like drinking alcohols and smoke cigarettes that increase the blood pressure by several points. Instead of caffeine, you should consume potassium-rich foods such as raisins, tomatoes, and peas that counter effect the sodium content. You must make a habit of performing exercises such as walking, running, swimming and practicing meditation techniques that provide a specific type of relaxation. Perform these tips to spend life free from heart-related problems.