Fashion Trends for spring 2016

The spring fashion 2016 trends from the runway of London, Paris, Milan and New York provide a variety of ideas to fill your clothing with the modern trends. Spring is a transitional period, so it is time to shed your midwinter clothes and have new tops, jeans, and sandals for the spring season. You can get the romantic, but fashionable collection for this season. There is no need to disturb your financial plan by completely altering your wardrobe because some continuing fashions and colors can be worn in the current year. Following are some newest spring fashion 2016 for men and women; you can follow them to have a fashionable dress.

1- Cool Girl Gingham

Gingham prints are not new because the Gingham pants, shirts, and skirts are great to wear on different events. It is perfect to have gingham clothes in this spring 2016. A wide range of colors and prints are available to design more old-style attires to casual ones. If you like street fashions, then the gingham prints look ideal for you. The print is perfect to create skirts, pants, shirts, and overcoats. The gingham trousers and shirts give a great compliment to your temperament.

2-Power Shoulders

You can give a unique touch to your fashion maven by replacing the shoulder pads with shoulder baring looks. In the current spring fashion 2016 season, the fashions replaced the shoulder pads and used a different approach to giving style to the clothes of teens. The shoulder baring appearances, such as off-the-shoulder and bold necklines are perfect to show off the finest assets of adolescents. Compliment your clothes with street style jewelry and other accessories.

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3-Trendy High Neckline

Are you looking for an unexpected change in the dressing style? Try the neck high collection of Dickies accessible at the Christian Dior. The buttoned-up and high-collar clothes made a special appearance on the runway in the current spring fashion 2016 season. The best blend of cropped trousers and A-line shirts with a high neckline give a 70s touch to your persona.

4-Statement Stripes

In the current spring fashion 2016, the stripes make a significant statement, and it is better to try strapping textiles in many colors. White and black colors are the best for formal events. It will be an excellent selection for your spring cupboard because the funny colors will enhance your appearance.

Fashion Trends

5-Trouser Suit

The trouser suits are often considered good to wear in the workplace, and at the same time, it looks stylish too. If you have trouser suits in your cupboard, be happy because you can wear them again. The new trouser suits introduced in the spring style week come with the capricious touches, such as twine and cowbell belts. The slacks with shimmering stripes and belts are available at Chanel and Celine. The trendy trousers are the hottest style trends of this season. Combine a stylish hot trouser with a chic top to reveal your inner diva.

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The Gingham is a plain-woven cloth of dyed cotton available in various colors. The gridlock pattern has an important history, as the Brigitte Bardot wore this pattern in pink color, and this was one of the most well-known fashions of this era. At this time, there was a shortage of this fabric in the France due to this fashion. The Manchester United F.C also wore this pattern during 2013 and 2014. The Brigitte Bardot is famously known as a bombshell also wore these clothes on her wedding day. The gingham makes its place in the fashions of spring 2016 in the form of shirts, frocks, miniskirts, and trousers.

Fashion Trends


It is a famous and durable cloth to design upholstery, clothes, shoes, and accessories. The suede is often used to style jackets, shoes, purses, shirts and furniture. The durable and softer suede in attractive colors is a hot fashion of this spring fashion 2016. The suede fashions with the 70s mood make a look on the runways. You can try A-line kilts, trench coats and classic booties with a soft touch. It will be a great habit to the spring wardrobe for the women of all ages and class.

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8-Bridal Dressing Ideas

The marriage ceremony is a special day, particularly for a bride; therefore, they often try something special and distinctive to have a look different than others. If you are in the midst of marriage ceremony planning because the spring collection 2016 has fresh and unique ideas for bridal. The white lace can be used in many ways to design a bridal dress. Louis and Chloe offered distinctive designs of the Victorian era. The white color is famous to design bridal gowns, short outfits, and skirts.