Fashion tips for women

Fashion tips are relaxed to come by if you’re 5’8″, have a model figure, and can frequently drop five figures on clothes. But if you aren’t, don’t, and can’t, following fashion can be a bit of a trial.

Here’s how:

Fashion tips for women

  • Control Your Body Shape

There are four main body shapes: top heavy, bottom heavy, no waist, and hour glass. Each shape has clothes that look enormous on it, each has styles that don’t look so great. Match the clothes shape to the body shape, and you’re sure to have success.

  • Know Yours Best Colors

Have you always noticed that some brides look great in white while others look better in ivory? It’s because of the blue or yellow hints in the skin, and it can vary from person, even within families. Find the colors that look best on you, and you’ll always look great.

  • Understand Your Clothing Personality

Some women love classics. Others favor dramatic. Some like sports. Others go for romantic. If you have clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn because they’re not “you,” chances are, you bought styles that didn’t fit your clothing persona. Match your clothes to your clothing personality and you’ll wear everything you buy.

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Fashion tips for women

  • Know Your Lifestyle

Have you forever had to turn down an invitation because you literally had “nothing to wear?” If so, that means you have gaping holes in your wardrobe. You’ve channeled all your clothing allowance to one or two of your primary activities, so when something unforeseen comes up, you have nothing to wear. If you build a well-rounded wardrobe, you’ll always be in style.

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