7 Tips for Choosing Jersey for Your Rugby Team

Rugby is gaining popularity in a number of countries. There are many clubs which sell rugby jerseys in order to raise revenues. There are other reasons why teams use jerseys. These are for easy identification, to make the team look more professional, instill a sense of pride, honor and belonging in the players and to distinguish them from the other players. These jerseys also help to protect the player against harm and injury which naturally occurs during a game. However, for whatever reason you may want rugby jerseys for your team, wearing of the official colors of your club increases the morale of the player and their psyche to play as well.

When choosing the right rugby jerseys for your team, here are some tips on choosing the best jerseys for them:

a) The material is the most important factor to look at. 100% cotton jerseys are thicker but more durable. They also absorb sweat but as a result of it they can get quite heavy and restrict the movements of the players.
b) A typical jersey is made of a blend of polyester and cotton. The polyester makes the jersey lightweight and due to the cotton, these absorb the sweat and do not let the player feel uncomfortable.
c) Sublimated polyester is 100% polyester and this is both lightweight as well as absorbent.
d) The fabric can be stamped with a design using dyes. This is better than jerseys which are screen printed, since they are smoother to look at and feel, and the design does not fade. Rugby jerseys need to be washed often and they need to be washed on the rougher wash cycle as they get grass stains and dirt on them. They also need to be washed in very warm water and so when the printing is done via screen printing there are chances of the colors and letters fading. For this reason, jerseys that are stamped are preferred. Stamping allows the ink to get embedded into the fabric much more than screen printing, therefore making it more long lasting.

choosing jersey

choosing jersey

e) The rugby jerseys having the pro-fit cut are popular. This is because the loose billowy jerseys will tend to restrict or be an obstacle for the movements of the players and so jerseys which are close to the frame as possible are preferred.
f) The jersey can either have a collar or can be without one. The traditional jerseys usually have a full collar and that can be folded over and buttoned in the front. However, some do not prefer this as it could increase the risk of collaring which means the opponent holding of the collar of the player. It also has less than a structured feel and it does not give a sculpted look. An athletic collar on the other hand is like a t-shirt but it has the option of adding a button too.
g) Rugby is a rough game and so the clothing is to be more robust and hardwearing. The players usually have V neck designs, and the number as well as surname is on the back of the jersey. The logo of the team is usually on the left chest area.

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When choosing rugby jerseys it is important that the color of these jerseys do not run and are fast holding colors. Else, with sweat and moisture and even when washed the color may run and the jerseys will fade and look blotchy, as well as stain other clothing worn by the players. Most importantly, before finalizing on the jerseys for your team run the final designs across them to get their opinions and keep them happy!